Sajoma´s Alea

geboren: 27. April 2017
Farbe: EXO g 03 24 

Vater: IC L´Skyfall Exothelli, EXO e 24
Mutter: No Comment Madisson, EXO n 02 21 62

Vorfahren Vater:  
Harnold D´Eden LoverDW,GC Gipps D´Eden LoverRW,DW,GC Melositos White Owl of D´Eden Lover,DM
EXO nPER d 23RW,GC D´Eden Lover Above Stars of Kuori,DM
 F Princesse D´Eden LoverGC Dylan D´Eden Lover
 EXO nD´Eden Lover Desert Rose
Black Pearls Pamela of ExothelliBlack Pearls AristocratGC F Vavilon D´Eden Lover
EXO g 22PER e 03CH Purflirvid Flower Power
 Black Pearls CaravelleD´Eden Lover Fabulours Eclipse
 EXO fs 24 62CH Black Pearls Jadore
Vorfahren Mutter:  
CH No Comment Gordon DawsonCH Sweet Luck L.J.Gibbs of No CommentJohnorah Chessman of Sweet Luck
EXO n 03 23EXO n 03 23Sweet Luck Fleur de Lys
 CH No Comment Fox Trot SuzieNo Comment Tiger Woods
 EXO n 03 24Bougainville´s Deliciously
No Comment Jilly-RoseCH No Comment Gordon DawsonCH Sweet Luck L.J.Gibbs of No Comment
EXO n 03 24EXO n 03 23CH No Comment Fox Trot Suzie
 CH No Comment Gracious MayaOrmeryda Peter Petrelli
 EXO a 22No Comment Daisy Mae
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