Demanch Amazing Grace

geboren: 21. September 2015
Farbe: EXO blue-ptchd-mac-tby

Vater: S.CH Demanch Vivaldi, red-tabby-white
Mutter: D-Demanch Amelie, black-white

Vorfahren Vater:  
S-Single MonpasieS-CH Candirand the Real Deal of DclassS-GC, RW Candirand´s Blast from the Past, DM
Cream-WhiteRed-WhiteD-Candirand´s Scent of a Rose
 D-Single Dancing QueenS-CH Artemis Trend Setter
 Dilute CalicoD-CH Couronne Pastel of Single
D-CH Spellbound Shakira of CandystarS-GC, RW Spellbound McGyver, DMS-GC Spellbound Cub Scout
Brown Ptch Spt Tby-WHBrown Mac Tabby-WhiteD-Spellbound Beamers
 D-Spellbound Dusk to DawnS-GC Jkzoo Same Old Same Old
 Tortoiseshell-WhiteD-CH, PR Spellbound Hurricane Hannah
Vorfahren Mutter:  
S-Yaguar Tiziano of DemanchS-Yaguar PerseoS-Yaguar Menphis
Black-WhiteCopper-Eyed WhiteD-Artemis Sweet Dreams
 D-Candirand Arwen de BanderasS-GC, RW Candirand´s Blast from the Past, DM
 Dilute CalicoD-GC Candirand´s Priceless Scandal, DM
D-Demanch ConfettiS-CH Demanch VivaldiS-Single Monpasie
Calico LHRed Tabby-WhiteD-CH Spellbound Shakira of Candystar
 D-Single Zaya of DemanchS-Sweet Luck Zorro of Padipaddy
 CalicoD-CH Single Milk´n Honey
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